There is a high possibility that you’ll eventually see wild creatures invading your yard if you’ve got a lovely garden in your backyard. If you’re growing food in your garden, this issue will escalate. Of course, you can easily prevent this issue if you install a garden fence.  


Of course, there are other methods you can use. This includes scare devices, repellents, and farm dogs. All of them are effective. However, a high-quality garden fence is a more dependable long term. It will offer protection 24/7 without any issues.  

However, how do you pick the right one? Before you have an aluminum fence installation Lexington, here are a couple of things to consider: 

Know Your Needs 

Perhaps wild creatures getting into your garden to eat is the major threat to your garden. The most common creatures that you are probably going to find invading are voles, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, pocket gophers, groundhogs, and deer. Moles and opossums will be expected by a lot of people to be included in the list. However, both of them will not damage the garden directly. They also eat enough insects, which is advantageous.  

Types of Fencing 

It is time to choose the right fence after you have determined what type of creatures are causing trouble. To stop deer, you can use plastic mesh. However, rabbits will easily chew right through it. This produces openings for other creatures to pass through. 

You can use a fence to manage the movements of chickens, pigs, dogs, and goats. Almost every individual prefers to start with a wire-and-post perimeter fencing.  

Deer Fencing 

There are a couple of things that you can utilize to discourage deer from invading your garden and eating your plants. A couple of these include hanging dirty dog blankets from trees and growing daffodils and catnip in the access path of the deer. However, it’s a lot better to install a high-quality fence. 

Multi-Animal Fencing 

Some fences are an ideal start. However, to keep out smaller creatures, you will require more features to your fence. You will require a buried obstacle of poultry netting if the animals causing you issues are skunks, rabbits, groundhogs, or pocket gophers. This is also known as chicken wire. Also, you can opt for hardware cloth that faces away from the fence’s base. The depth of material will greatly vary on what creatures are causing you trouble. You might have to dig a lot deeper if the animal is an excellent digger.  

Welded Wire Fencing 

This type of fencing is a lot stiffer compared to wire fencing. Aside from that, it also needs less stretching. That’s why it is simpler to install. If you install it on level ground, the fence will work effectively.  

Aside from that, you can utilize welded wire products will smaller mesh laced around the lower edge. This is something made to prevent horses from getting their hooves stuck in fencing. The reason for this is that it might discourage a couple of small creatures from trying to gain access to your fence